Beaumont Car Accident Lawyer

Car crashes can be traumatic, even when they happen at low speeds. These incidents typically only cause minor damage to your vehicle and the people involved. However, in more serious situations these wrecks can cause severe injuries, disrupting your life and preventing you from caring for your family. After an accident like this, enforcing your rights and pursuing financial compensation for your injuries is crucial.

Whether you need help negotiating with insurance providers over repair bills or are recovering from life-altering physical trauma, having a skilled personal injury attorney on your side after an auto accident could be vital to securing a favorable case result. Once retained, your compassionate Beaumont car accident lawyer could be your advocate from start to finish of your legal proceedings while working tirelessly to protect your rights and fighting for fair compensation on your behalf.

Holding a Negligent Driver Liable for Damages

Holding someone else legally liable for a car accident and demanding payment from them generally means proving they were negligent at the time of the incident. “Negligence” in the context of car crash litigation occurs when someone does something reckless, careless, or illegal on the road and violates the duty all drivers have to act responsibly behind the wheel.

Any negligent driver who causes a collision in which someone else requires professional medical attention may be held financially liable for the losses the victim experienced in the wreck, including:

  • Past and expected future medical bills
  • Car repair or replacement costs, including other personal property damage
  • Secondary expenses related to the accident, like rental car fees or costs of home modification to add a wheelchair ramp
  • Lost income or ability to work
  • Lost enjoyment or quality of life
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Psychological trauma and emotional anguish
  • Lost consortium

During a private consultation, a knowledgeable Beaumont attorney could explain more about potentially compensable losses available to motor vehicle collision victims.

Possible Obstacles to Effective Civil Recovery

Sustaining injuries in a car crash does not absolve a victim of potentially bearing fault for a wreck due to their own negligence. For example, under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §§33.001 through 33.017, any percentage of “comparative fault” the court assigns to an injured plaintiff could result in a proportional reduction in the total compensation available to them. However, if the victim holds a majority of total fault for the incident, the court may deny them compensation entirely.

On top of that, Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code §16.003 usually allows just two years after a personal injury first occurs for the injured person to file suit over their losses, regardless of whether their injuries will continue to negatively affect them after those two years have passed. A capable lawyer in Beaumont could offer crucial guidance regarding understanding and navigating the procedural roadblocks of vehicle crash claims.

Get in Touch With a Car Accident Attorney in Beaumont

Even under the most favorable circumstances, pursuing compensation after an auto accident is far from simple. Without help from experienced legal counsel, your chances of getting fair restitution for your losses could be slim. That’s why The Morrell Law Firm is here to help. Whether you’ve been the victim of a negligent driver, a drunk driver, or been rear-ended it doesn’t matter. We’ve seen it. We’ll make sure you get the compensation you need for medical bills, to cover lost wages, and more. There is never a bill unless we win your case.

A conversation with a Beaumont car accident lawyer could be a crucial first step down the road to successful recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation and get started on your case.