Beaumont Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury changes the life of the person who suffers it and the lives of their family members. Families coping with a severe, life-altering injury benefit from the accident attorney.

A Beaumont catastrophic injury lawyer could provide invaluable assistance to your family as you adapt to your life post-accident. A legal professional could negotiate payment arrangements with medical providers and rehabilitation specialists, communicate with insurance companies, identify the parties responsible for the injury, and hold them accountable in court.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Several definitions of catastrophic injury exist. According to federal law, a catastrophic injury prevents someone from earning a living or completing day-to-day activities without assistance. Most people have a broader understanding of a devastating injury.

Any injury or condition that permanently limits a person’s activities or significantly impacts their mental or physical health could be catastrophic, depending on the circumstances. Most agree that injuries leading to limb amputation, paralysis, or cognitive impairment are catastrophic, often preventing the injured person from living a full life.

A capable attorney in Beaumont could assess the severe injury and its devastating impact on the injured person and their family. They could also document how the injury limits the individual and demand that the responsible party pay for the damage they caused.

Who is Liable for a Severe Injury?

When someone seeks damages for their injuries, they must prove another party’s negligence caused their harm; in this context, negligence is failing to use a reasonable degree of care to avoid hurting others.

The evidence necessary to prove negligence varies depending on the situation. When someone suffers a catastrophic injury in a vehicle accident, any citation the police issued to the at-fault driver is evidence of negligence. Similarly, when someone sustains a spinal cord injury in a diving accident, evidence showing the pool owner did not appropriately mark the depth of the water could serve as proof of negligence.

A hardworking lawyer in Beaumont could investigate the accident and identify all the parties whose conduct contributed to the catastrophic injury. Bringing multiple parties to the table gives the injured person access to several sources of compensation, increasing their chances of a reasonable settlement.

Recoverable Damages in a Catastrophic Injury Case

Many accidents have multiple causes; perhaps a car was speeding when another car ran a stop sign and T-boned the speeding vehicle. The driver who blew through the stop sign saw the speeding car at the last moment and slammed on the brakes, but they failed. The collision caused severe injuries to the speeding driver.

In this case, both drivers and the brake manufacturer are responsible for causing the accident. Other parties may also be responsible, such as the repair shop that serviced the brakes and the municipality, if the stop sign was not visible. If the case goes to trial, the jury must decide how much responsibility each party had for the incident.

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001 prevents anyone more than 50 percent responsible for causing an accident from collecting damages from other responsible parties. An attorney in the Beaumont area could gather the necessary evidence to prove the injured plaintiff had no part in contributing to their severe harm.

Seek Damages After a Catastrophic Injury with a Beaumont Attorney

Many people with catastrophic injuries require long-term medical care. When you suffer a severe injury because of someone’s negligence, you deserve compensation to pay for your harm.

A Beaumont catastrophic injury lawyer understands how to find and use proof of negligence to win an appropriate settlement or verdict. Speak with a seasoned legal professional about your case today.