Beaumont Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries usually develop from severe blows to a person’s head. Some traumatic brain injuries result from objects penetrating someone’s skull and damaging brain tissue.

Most refer to a mild traumatic brain injury as a concussion, which many people recover within a few weeks. Sadly, severe brain injuries cause permanent cognitive impairment. Even mild concussions sometimes lead to long-term damage because brain injuries accumulate over time.

Consult a Beaumont traumatic brain injury lawyer when you or a family member suffers head trauma in an accident. A hardworking catastrophic injury attorney could identify whether another party contributed to the harm and help you pursue compensation from them.

How Does a Brain Injury Affect a Person?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control explains that medical professionals recognize three categories of traumatic brain injuries (TBI)—mild, moderate, and severe. Significant symptom variability exists within the three categories.

A diligent attorney in Beaumont could interview the injured person and their family to get a clear picture of how the TBI has impacted their life. The party responsible for the injury could be liable for all the injury’s impacts.


Mild TBIs or concussions cause a person to lose consciousness for a few seconds. These injuries also cause nausea, headaches, blurred vision, sensitivity to light or noise, sleep disturbances, or brain fog. Most people begin to heal within a few weeks, but symptoms persist for others.

TBIs in Children

Even a mild TBI could have a significant impact on a child. An injury to a child’s undeveloped brain could have a long-term impact on their ability to learn, communicate, or self-regulate.

Moderate TBI

Moderate traumatic brain injuries cause loss of consciousness for minutes or hours, often having permanent effects that vary. For example, the injured person could experience ongoing problems with communication, reading, balance, or motor coordination. If employed, the injured person may be unable to return to work. Mood changes are also common among those who experience moderate brain trauma. These people often become more emotional, developing depression or anxiety.

Severe TBI

Severe TBIs often cause death. Those who survive serious brain damage often have a reduced lifespan. A severe TBI could leave the injured person unable to process language or control their body. Many people with severe TBIs also need assistance with day-to-day activities and cannot live independently.

How Do TBIs Occur?

TBIs happen for several reasons. For example, a sudden blow or jolt to a person’s head—often resulting from negligence or carelessness—can cause a TBI. When the negligent party failed to protect the injured party when they were hurt, they could be liable for subsequent damages.

The most common incidents that lead to traumatic brain injuries include the following:

  • Vehicle collisions
  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Merchandise falling from a high shelf
  • Amusement park accidents
  • Building collapses
  • Faulty gym equipment
  • Explosions that create shrapnel

Assaults also cause TBIs; an injured assault victim could hold the assailant liable for damages in civil court, separate from any criminal proceedings.

A lawyer in Beaumont could investigate the circumstances that led to a severe brain injury and determine whether another party’s negligence contributed to the incident. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §33.001 allows injured people to collect damages for their harm, even when they played a role in the incident. However, when they

Seek Legal Advice Immediately After the Accident

When someone suffers a significant injury, legal counsel for the responsible party often takes proactive steps to shut down a lawsuit. For example, they might approach the injured person or their family after the incident, usually while undergoing treatment, with a settlement offer.

While the offer might represent pennies on the dollar compared to the claim’s true value, the insurance company representative will attempt to persuade the victim to accept the offer, often capitalizing on their fear of mounting medical bills.

A legal professional could negotiate with medical providers or creditors to stave off collection efforts. Most importantly, a capable attorney in Beaumont could handle all communication between the family and the insurance companies representing the party who caused the TBI. They could also force the responsible party to negotiate in good faith to reach a settlement that provides adequate compensation for the injured person’s losses.

Contact a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Beaumont For Help

TBIs are significant, even when the symptoms are mild. When someone’s negligence causes you or a family member to suffer a TBI, you deserve compensation.

A Beaumont traumatic brain injury lawyer has experience advocating for people with head trauma and can negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf. Call today to speak with a seasoned professional.