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The value of a case cannot be determined until all the medical evidence and bills are collected. Also, often times the case value is determined by the extent of liability and damages caused by the negligent party, and the amount of coverage the insurance provides.

Initial Intake Interview

During this interview we will gather all the pertinent information to your case. The facts and circumstances will be described, along with all witnesses and relevant parties involved. Insurance, police reports, photos, statements, videos, and any other relevant evidence will be gathered and preserved.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment will be given to any injured parties involved and will be guided by the medical professionals involved in your case. Once treatment is finished and records are collected, negotiations will begin with the opposing party.

Filing Suit

If a lawsuit needs to be filed because an agreement could not be reached in the pre-litigation phase, then one will be drafted and filed. Discovery and potentially depositions will be done in an attempt to resolve the case. The case could be settled after filing suit, after depositions or anytime throughout. Usually a trial deadline encourages parties to settle if they cannot after depositions have been done.