Beaumont Workplace Injury Lawyer

Mistakes happen in the workplace, just as they do in other parts of life. But all too often, managers and owners interested in saving a few dollars ignore those rules or find ways around them. If you’ve been hurt at the workplace give us a call. We’ll take care of it.

Getting injured in an accident at work can impact more than just your short-term income. For example, if a workplace incident causes you to become disabled and unable to perform your job duties, you will likely incur thousands of dollars in medical expenses and diminished earning capacity—not to mention the immense physical and psychological suffering you may endure.

However, depending on who your employer is and whether you can prove someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you may have several options for pursuing financial recovery. A seasoned Beaumont workplace injury lawyer could help you pursue these damages. Whether you have sustained temporary injuries and require short-term benefits or have sustained life-altering trauma and require long-term benefits, having a capable personal injury attorney by your side is essential to getting a favorable case result.

Filing Suit Over an On-the-Job Accident

Like those injured in motor vehicle collisions, anyone hurt at work because of another person’s negligence may be able to file a civil suit for their injuries. Often, the victim can file a claim against their employer or coworker. In this case, the injured worker does not need to prove that the responsible party acted in a particularly egregious way: any “negligent” behavior leading to a workplace injury be the basis for a lawsuit.

Additionally, there are circumstances under which a third-party company may hold strict liability for an injury on a worksite. Likewise, any manufacturer that produces a defective tool or machine may be responsible for any harm the product causes, provided the worker used the product correctly and that it was not tampered with between production and use. A hardworking Beaumont attorney could collect the necessary evidence to prove third-party liability for a job-related injury and demand appropriate compensation for the employee.

Recovering Through Workers’ Comp in Beaumont

Texas is the only state in the country that does not require employers to purchase workers’ compensation coverage for their full-time and part-time employees. Companies that choose to be “non-subscribers” in this way do not assume automatic liability for the losses their employees suffer in work-related accidents; however, they are subject to legal claims.

Even when an employer provides workers’ comp coverage, injured employees can still file a lawsuit against a third party for contributing to the accident. However, these employees cannot recover twice for the same losses—for instance, someone who had their medical bills covered through workers’ comp cannot demand compensation through a lawsuit for the bills that their benefits covered. A knowledgeable lawyer in Beaumont could fight to get an injured worker the maximum compensation they are entitled to for the harm they endured.

A Workplace Injury Attorney in Beaumont Could Help You With Your Claim

Filing a civil claim can be difficult, especially in light of Texas’ unique approach to workers’ compensation. Therefore, when you are seriously hurt on the job in the Lone Star State, a skilled legal professional’s support could make the difference between getting a favorable case outcome and not getting a single cent of compensation for your damages.

A conversation with a Beaumont workplace injury lawyer could give you clarity and confidence about your options for recovery. Call our office today to set up a consultation and let our legal team members get started on filing your claim.