Beaumont Dog Bite Lawyer

When you are feeling down, sometimes a greeting from a dog is just the thing to lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Canines can be great companions when you need someone to walk with or relax with on the couch; dog attacks can have extensive physical, emotional, and financial ramifications.

When you are struggling to recover after a canine attack, a Beaumont dog bite lawyer might be able to assist you. A dedicated personal injury attorney could help you explore potential sources of financial compensation and assist you when pursuing a civil claim.

Reasons Why Dogs Attack People in Beaumont

Unlike humans, dogs perceive threats by defending themselves and those around them. Predicting what a canine will do in any given situation is impossible. Some dogs that attack people have a prior history of being abused or have anxiety when they fear new people. Unfortunately, others attack people for no reason at all. They might feel threatened or scared, even with no valid reason. When a dog has puppies, it might also feel especially protective.

Sadly, children are often the victims of dog attacks. Kids do not always know how to act around animals. For example, they might hear a dog growl, think it is funny, and fail to heed the warning. Likewise, kids may unintentionally hurt dogs by pulling their tails, stepping on them, or pulling their fur.

Regardless of how the dog attack occurred, a skilled attorney in Beaumont could help a dog bite survivor recover financial compensation.

Relevant Dog Attack Laws in Beaumont

Recovering damages after a dog bite in Texas is more difficult than in other states. Some states have a strict liability statute that makes the dog owner responsible for the attack, provided the victim did nothing to provoke the animal. Texas law uses the one-bite standard, requiring victims to prove that an animal had a history of biting others or that its owner knew the animal had aggressive tendencies.

In some cases, dog owners could escape civil liability if their pet had no history of biting another person; however, a dog attack survivor can prevail if they can prove the dog’s owner acted negligently. For example, the injured person must successfully demonstrate that the dog’s owner, walker, trainer, or caretaker failed to use ordinary or reasonable care when handling the canine. For example, a lack of a leash or a fenced yard could be examples of negligent handling of a dog.

An experienced lawyer is familiar with the local laws in Beaumont and could work diligently to help someone injured by a canine build a solid case and collect adequate compensation from the at-fault party.

Work with a Dog Bite Attorney in Beaumont Today

Recovering from a dog attack can be grueling. You might face invasive surgeries and other painful medical procedures. If your injury is severe enough, you may be unable to look in the mirror without seeing the physical reminders of the attack. You might also be unable to work as you recuperate, leading to lost wages and financial troubles.

Work with a Beaumont dog bite lawyer to try to restore your life. A capable legal team could help you fight back for what you deserve.