Beaumont Boat Accident Lawyer

Being close to so many different bodies of water, Beaumont is a great place to go boating. Whether it be the lake, bayou, river, or intercoastal waterway, local boaters have several options for launching their boats and going for a ride.

Unfortunately, people can get into accidents on the water just as easily as they can on land, resulting in devastating injuries and fatalities. When a waterway incident injures you or a loved one, a Beaumont boat accident lawyer could investigate the crash and determine if filing a civil claim is a good option for your family. Contact a skilled injury attorney to learn more.

How Do Watercraft Accidents Occur?

Most accidents on the water result from a boat operator’s negligent or reckless behavior. Often, this negligence includes one of the following:

  • Distracted driving when drivers hang out with their passengers instead of paying attention to the water
  • Inexperience
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

In some cases, a boat crash is the result of equipment failures.

Experienced attorneys in Beaumont could skillfully investigate a boating crash by searching for, gathering, and securing the relevant evidence needed to build a legal claim.

Various Types of Waterway Accidents Seen in Beaumont

There are many ways in which an accident involving a vessel can occur. Common examples

Crashes Between Two Vessels

Serious injuries can occur when two boats collide. People on both vessels can suffer harm. Unlike cars, passengers in boats do not have seatbelts or anything to restrain or protect them. The impact could cause passengers and drivers on both vessels to fall onto the deck or even overboard.

Collisions with Swimmers

Water skiers, waders, swimmers, and other people in the water cannot defend themselves from the force of a boat. Unfortunately, a boat’s propellers can cause deep lacerations, leading to traumatic or surgical amputations. Additionally, victims may suffer severe head injuries.

Collisions With Fixed Objects

Boat passengers can suffer injuries when the boat they are on strikes a buoy, rock, dock, or other fixed object.

Hitting the Wake from Another Vessel

Traveling over waves made by another boat can sometimes cause passengers to fall and suffer significant injuries. In these cases, the operator of the vessel that caused the wake could be legally responsible when the accident occurs in a no-wake zone. Alternatively, the operator of the boat carrying the injured parties could be liable if their negligence contributes to the collision.

Falling Overboard

Falling off a boat can lead to severe injuries. Depending on the watercraft’s size, a passenger who falls overboard can suffer broken bones, spinal injuries, and head trauma from the impact of the water. These victims also risk drowning, near drowning, or hypothermia from exposure to cold water.

Lack of Safety Equipment

Boats must have proper safety equipment. Inadequate safety equipment can quickly turn a minor problem into a disaster. For instance, not equipping the vessel with enough life jackets for each passenger or a flare gun to call for help in emergencies could be detrimental.

A dedicated lawyer in Beaumont could work to prove how a boat crash occurred and hold the appropriate party accountable for the damage.

Get in Touch with a Boat Accident Attorney in Beaumont

Boating accidents can be especially traumatic. When at sea, calling for immediate emergency assistance is more difficult than you might expect. For example, you may need to wait an extended period, causing your injury to worsen. When you endure an injury in a boating collision, you will likely need time to recover physically and emotionally.

Contact a skilled Beaumont boat accident lawyer today for help recovering the money you need and deserve. A seasoned legal team member could help you get back on your feet.