Beaumont Bus Accident Lawyer

Public transportation is a very convenient and easy way to get around the city—plus, it is an affordable alternative to driving. Additionally, you can save yourself from the hassle of fighting through traffic as you commute while doing your part to help the environment. Sadly, when buses crash, catastrophic injuries and fatalities often follow.

When you or a loved one suffers harm in a public transportation wreck, a dedicated Beaumont bus accident lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need to aid in your recovery. Reach out to a knowledgeable injury attorney to learn more.

How Do Public Transportation Accidents Happen?

Driving a bus is much more difficult than driving a standard automobile. That said, bus drivers need special training. Sadly, even when bus drivers are qualified and trained, crashes can still happen.

Most bus collisions are the result of operator error. Like other motorists on the road, bus drivers sometimes make careless or reckless mistakes while behind the wheel, like speeding or running red lights. Bus drivers also frequently drive for long periods without a break, leading to fatigue and room for error.

In addition, some public transportation drivers pass the time by texting, talking on the phone, or even speaking to passengers, which could cause them to be distracted and unaware of their surroundings. In other cases, mechanical defects or poor road conditions may contribute to a bus crash.

A dedicated attorney in Beaumont could review the facts of a public transportation accident to identify the potentially liable parties.

Common Injuries that Stem from Bus Collisions

Bus accidents can involve any common carrier, including public transit, school, or private charter buses. Because each vehicle carries many passengers at any given time, the potential for significant injuries is high.

Injuries to Passengers

Bus passengers are more vulnerable to suffering harm than people in other vehicles. Most buses do not have seatbelts or airbags for every passenger. Crashes often pull people on buses out of their seats, where they can suffer various injuries. Some passengers slam their heads on the window or seat in front of them, while other passengers suffer severe neck and back injuries from the force of the crash. Unprotected objects, such as purses and backpacks, can also fly out of a seat, slamming into passengers and causing them to suffer broken bones, bruises, cuts, and even internal injuries.

Injuries to People Outside the Bus

Buses are considerably heavier and larger than most passenger vehicles. Therefore, when a bus crashes into a sedan, the bus can essentially crush the sedan, leaving victims with life-altering and even fatal injuries.

A seasoned Beaumont lawyer could help a claimant carefully assess their injuries to pursue adequate compensation following a bus collision. Similarly, when a family wants to seek justice following a bus crash that led to their loved one’s wrongful death, a compassionate legal representative could guide them through a wrongful death claim.

Talk to a Bus Accident Attorney in Beaumont Today

Bus accidents are often more complicated than accidents involving standard-sized vehicles. Often, there is more than one potentially liable party, each of which frequently has conflicting interests. While the bus driver and the bus company are looking out for their own interests, you may be left to handle the effects of your accident alone.

That said, when you are hurt in a public transportation collision, consulting with a skilled legal representative who will work to protect your rights is crucial. Speak with a Beaumont bus accident lawyer today and let them assist you.